UNDERCOVER is a Party, Rock, Dance Band playing classic songs to hits of today. Their diverse formula and versatility makes them right for any and every occasion and club appealing to multi-generational audiences. With 25+ years of experience, and 1000s of performances, UNDERCOVER continues to grow their fan base and improve their show.


JJ Mason and Barron Shipley have performed for nearly 20 years together and have secured a solid foundation for UNDERCOVER. When Jason Riek returned from the LA scene to join UNDERCOVER, he was the perfect fit - with his powerful vocal talents, unending energy and command of the audience. And now with Dean Minerva joining our line-up on drums, we know that we will further develop, enhance and continue to grow our already impressive, non-stop, smooth flowing performance to more and more audiences!


JASON RIEK –- Lead Vocals
JJ MASON –- Guitars / Vocals
BARRON SHIPLEY –- Bass / Vocals

DEAN MINERVA –- Drums / Percussion

CHUCK "CHEESE" SLOAN –- Drums / Percussion (R.I.P.)


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Just JJ - Acoustic

Just JJ - Acoustic plays many classic songs to popular hits of today. The acoustic show is extremely versatile and is designed for most clubs, bars, restaurants, patios, decks, weddings, corporate, church functions, etc. Just JJ - Acoustic also has special holiday music performances.


Using looping pedals, Just JJ - Acoustic turns into a multi-dimensional one piece band. Although most patrons will rarely notice but it adds the extra element to enhance each song and make Just JJ - Acoustic performances great sounding and very unique.


"Playing acoustic music is always fun! Although it is different from our UNDERCOVER show, I find playing acoustically to be very vulnerable and emotionally inpirational. Selecting great songs to play is challenging but thorugh experience and persistence I feel that I now have a diverse catalogue of music that tends to appeal to almost all audiences."

                                                                               - JJ MASON


Just JJ - Acoustic includes:

JJ MASON - Acoustic Guitars / Vocals



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Jason, JJ and Barron perform many of the fan favorites that UNDERCOVER plays but in an acoustic format. Depending on the crowd, the venue or the setting, they will play upbeat hits or laid back tunes. Dean, the drummer will be sitting in on a few Acoustic gigs soon as well which will turn the whole band into an Acoustic Unplugged setting! Be sure to catch these events when they take place because to the demand of UNDERCOVER, these acoustic performances are few and far between.



JASON RIEK - lead vocals

JJ MASON - acoustic guitar / vocals

BARRON SHIPLEY - acoustic guitar / bass / vocals / percussion

Just JJ & Barron - Acoustic

Just JJ & Barron - Acoustic is the other acoustic act stemming from UNDERCOVER including JJ Mason and Barron Shipley. This duo act adds a few more songs to the already substantial list of JJ's solo act and with Barron's talents on guitar, bass & tambourine coupled with their on stage rapport and comedy, Just JJ & Barry - Acoustic is a fun time from start to finish.


"I have played and performed with many groups and musicians all over the country and outside the country but I really enjoy playing music with JJ. He is a dedicated individual with a strong work ethic and always wants the best from all of us. I have played many "free" shows with him for charities and other causes so it's not about the money but because we just love performing together!"

                                                                                                                                                                                          - BARRON SHIPLEY


"Performing with Barry has been inpirational for me. He is so talented and fun to perform with on stage. We defintiely have a huge musical camaraderie that seems to continue and evolve with each show. Often times while playingin Ocean City, we were often mistaken as brothers, which for me was proof we are like family when we play music together!"

                                                                                                                                                                                                   - JJ MASON

Just JJ & Barry - Acoustic includes:

JJ MASON - Acoustic Guitars / Vocals

BARRON SHIPLEY - Acoustic Guitars / Bass / Vocals / Percussion


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