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UNDERCOVER is a professional and experienced party, rock, dance band performing a wide variety of hit songs covering rock, dance, classic rock, country, hip-hop, top-40, and more…

Utilizing professional sound and lighting equipment along with the latest technology, UNDERCOVER transforms every venue into an intimate concert experience. All shows are designed to enhance their performance and each setlist is customized to each venue to create a non-stop, energetic flow of entertainment from start to finish. Plus, UNDERCOVER asserts a high standard of excellence and professionalism for every event including festivals, fairs, weddings, clubs, bars, and dance halls. And UNDERCOVER continues to welcome requests, audience interaction, and crowd participation to create unique, personalized experiences at every event!  

The fans, friends, and families of UNDERCOVER have been amazingly supportive over the past and 25+ years and UNDERCOVER is humbled and would like to thank them all for their ongoing and continued support which continues to make this journey, not only possible but continuing to grow and evolve!

UNDERCOVER performs in venues throughout PA, MD, and WV and is always searching for new locations to play… Please reach out if you have a venue or know of a venue that you would like to see us perform.  


JASON RIEK –- Lead Vocals
JJ MASON –- Guitars / Vocals
BARRON SHIPLEY –- Bass / Vocals
DEAN MINERVA –- Drums / Percussion
–- Drums / Percussion (Fill-in Drummer)

CHUCK "CHEESE" SLOAN –- Drums / Percussion (R.I.P.)


(For more info about band members visit our BIOS page)

Just JJ - Acoustic

Just JJ - Acoustic plays a multitude of songs ranging from classic hits to newer songs of today. The acoustic show is versatile and can be augmented to suit just about any venue, bar, party, restaurant, or corporate event including weddings, church functions, festivals and more; as well as specialty Christmas music performances and events.


Utilizing technology and ingenuity, Just JJ - Acoustic transforms every show into a spectacle. And having such a diverse catalogue of music, his performances are universally appealing and his delivery is poetic. Just JJ simply loves what he does and that is playing music for a living. People often ask him what his favorite song to play is? His response is always the same in that, "It changes from night to night" because as he said, "Every audience is different and reactions and emotional connections to songs vary as well; And when you can connect with an audience while you are emotionally connected to the song itself - that's when the magic of music happens for me."

JJ also went on to say...

"Playing acoustic music is always uniquely fun and challenging! Although it is different from our full band UNDERCOVER, I find playing acoustic to be very vulnerable and emotionally inspirational. Selecting the right songs at the right moments in a set can be challenging and distracting, but capturing the right moments can make magic. Hard work, persistence, and  perseverance are contributing factors to a successful career. I feel blessed for being able to entertain audiences and perform. It is a passion. It is something I love that loves me back. I enjoy meeting new people, making new friends and fans and being able to make people happy simply y playing a song they request. I am thankful for all those who continue to support live music and for all your love and support through the years!"

                                                                              - JJ MASON


Just JJ - Acoustic includes:

JJ MASON - Acoustic Guitars / Vocals


(For more info about Just JJ - Acoustic visit the ACOUSTIC page)

Just JJ & Barron - Acoustic

Just JJ & Barron - Acoustic is another acoustic act stemming from UNDERCOVER including JJ Mason and Barron Shipley. This duo act adds a few more songs to the already substantial list of JJ's solo act and with Barron's talents on guitar, bass & tambourine coupled with their on stage rapport, comedy and presence, Just JJ & Barry - Acoustic is a fun showfrom start to finish.


"I have played and performed with many groups and musicians all over the country and outside the country but I really enjoy playing music with JJ. He is a dedicated individual with a strong work ethic and always wants the best from all of us. I have played many "free" shows with him for charities and other causes so it's not about the money but because we just love performing together!"

                                                                                                                                                                                          - BARRON SHIPLEY


"Performing with Barron has been inspirational for me. He is so talented and fun to perform with on stage. We definitely have a huge musical camaraderie that seems to thrive and evolve with each show. Often times while playing in Ocean City and other locations, we are often mistaken as brothers, which for me is proof that we are like family when we play music together!"                                                                                                                                                                                                  - JJ MASON

Just JJ & Barry - Acoustic includes:

JJ MASON - Acoustic Guitars / Vocals

BARRON SHIPLEY - Acoustic Guitars / Bass / Vocals / Percussion


(For more info on Just JJ & Barron - Acoustic visit the ACOUSTIC page)



Jason, JJ, and Barron make up UNDERCOVER ACOUSTIC and they perform many of the fan favorites from the UNDERCOVER set list as well as additional songs. Their versatility, variety, and song catalogue helps them shape their shows to suit most any audience. Occasionally,  Dean, (the drummer) will join in the fun and add percussion or play his specialty kit. "We just love making music in any form and we are humbled that so many of our friends and fans enjoy what we do! We thank you!



JASON RIEK - lead vocals

JJ MASON - acoustic guitar / vocals

BARRON SHIPLEY - acoustic guitar / bass / vocals / percussion
DEAN MINERVA - drums / percussion

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